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Chicago Innovation

The Future of Sports

March 23rd, 20213:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Canceled games and empty stadiums inspired sports teams and fans to experiment over the past year  and some of it is going to stick. Fan engagement that blends real-life and virtual experiences. Data is changing how games are played, managed, and monetized. Legal sports betting marches across the U.S. And athletes are taking bigger stances on inequality and injustice. See you on March 23rd to discover how these changes and so much more are forever changing the future of sports as we know it.

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Kevin Warren

Commissioner of the Big Ten Conference

Sarah Spain

Emmy Award-Winning ESPN Radio & TV Host, espnW columnist and SportsCenter Reporter

Crane Kenney

President of Business Operations for the Chicago Cubs

Jaime Faulkner

President of Business Operations for the Chicago Blackhawks

Ed Wehmer

Founder & CEO of Wintrust Bank. As "Chicago's Bank," Wintrust has $45+ billion in assets and over 175 locations to service innovative companies of all sizes.

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