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Important Message from the Chicago Student Invention Convention

In the spirit of problem-solving and innovation, we have great news to share that the Chicago Student Invention Convention is still happening and has changed to an ONLINE-ONLY event, with project submissions scheduled for review on April 25th.  The Invention Convention U.S. Nationals competition has also changed to an online-only event this year. Please note: only teacher-designated finalists from one of our 2019-2020 participating sites will be able to submit entries.

CSIC Online Competition Guidelines (English Version)

La guía de envío en línea (Versión en español)

Quick Start: Create Your Pitch Video

Quick Start: Create LumieLabs Display Video


Students who have been working hard on their prototypes at one of our participating sites will be able to enter into these online competitions for top honors and prizes at both the regional and national level through our new online format! We are grateful for the support of all of our program sponsors, partners, educators, and community during these uncertain times. Thank you for supporting our belief that innovation is for everyone! Special thanks to sponsor, Encyclopedia Britannica, for free access to the digital storytelling software LumieLabs for use by all participating teachers, parents, and students. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

When will CSIC winners be announced?

The competition will occur on April 25th. However, winners will not be announced until mid-May to allow for any flexibility or programmatic changes necessary due to the ever-changing situation of COVID-19. Winners will be contacted via email in mid-May and celebrated on our website and social media.

Will I advance to U.S. Nationals?

Yes, winners from this year’s online Chicago Student Invention Convention can still advance to the online competition of U.S. Nationals.

How will I be judged or evaluated?

Please refer to the Judging Rubric to see how students will be evaluated.

Please note:

Because of the lack of uniformity across logbooks, you will see that the judging rubric focuses on evaluating if the Logbook shows the steps of the invention process overall, but does not break down the score per photo/per step. (6 points)
Similarly, because of the lack of uniformity across LumieLabs Display videos, you will see that the judging rubric focuses on evaluating if the LumieLabs Display video displays significant aspects of the student’s invention process and experience by using images, videos, sound, or other visual effects to showcase the prototype, testing results, design, logbook features,
or other elements. It does not specify or evaluate specific elements that are used. (5 points)
You will also notice that the largest portion of evaluation criteria is the Invention Process overall (70 points), divided into categories of the 7 Steps of Invention. Judges will evaluate the students based on this criteria. They will use all 3 components (Logbook Photos, LumieLabs Display Video, and Pitch Video) to determine the score in each category. Students are free to emphasize different judging criteria across any of the 3 components as they see fit.
For example, if a student wants to emphasize their research, they can discuss the sources they consulted in the Pitch Video, or they can show the research in the LumieLabs Display Video, or they can include that page from their Logbook. Students are welcome to do any or all of these options, as long as they address all components requested by judges.

What do you need to see from my Logbook?

You will have the chance to upload 6 photos of your Logbook pages.  Each photo/page should represent a major milestone of the invention process (7 Steps of Invention). You are also invited to include photos of additional content from your Logbook as part of the visuals in the LumieLabs Display video.

How do I create a Pitch Video?

Please refer to the Quick Start guide to creating a Pitch Video for more information. You can also see examples of Pitch Videos in the competition Guidelines.

How do I create a LumieLabs Display video?

Please refer to our LumieLabs quick start guide. You can also access Britannica webinars, video instructions for parents/students, and how-to guides on LumieLabs here.

I finished my invention. What do I need to compete?

You should read the CSIC Online Competition Guidelines. It explains that you will need to submit 6 photos of your Logbook pages, 1 LumieLabs Display video, and 1 Pitch Video.

How do I register for the online competition?

Please use the Online Registration portal to register for the competition. Registration must be initiated by 4/20. Final videos can be submitted by 4/24 at 6 pm. Use this guide for help when registering. You can also contact the program manager directly with questions: [email protected]

Who can participate in the online competition?

The online competition is limited to student finalists who attended one of the 60 sites registered in the Chicago Student Invention Convention 2019-2020 program. These students received instruction through participating classrooms from CSIC trained educators and were selected as finalists by their instructors.

Inspiring curiosity, confidence, and creative problem-solving in our youth, the Chicago Student Invention Convention is a free, flexible curriculum focused on critical thinking, creativity, and innovation for Illinois students grades K-8, reaching schools, after school groups, youth centers, libraries and museums. We believe that innovation is for everyone.





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