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My school is interested. How much does it cost?

The program is free for all participating schools and students, thanks to our generous sponsors. All educational materials are on-line and available to teachers, students, and parents.

How do I register my school to participate?

This year we are accepting 50 schools and youth centers in the program. Registration will open in August. We require the school principal to register the school and designate a primary teacher contact. You can view the role of the primary teacher contact here. If you’d like to be notified when registration opens, please contact Mitch at [email protected]

How do teachers implement this program?

The Invention Convention is a flexible critical thinking, innovation, and invention curriculum for grades K-8. Teachers are welcome to use the program in whatever way works best for them. Only teachers can know their own staffing, budgets, interest, and students’ needs. A sample timeline, resources folder, and other information for teachers can be found on the Teachers page on the program website.

I am a parent and would like my student to participate. How do I know if my student is eligible?

The program is open to students from participating schools grades K-8. We currently do not have an “at-large” opportunity for students that do not attend a participating school. If your student attends a participating school but is not in one of currently participating grades, we may be able to work with you and your student’s school to accommodate your student. Please reach out to Mitch at [email protected] to find out if your school is already participating, or to learn more about how to get your school and student involved! More information on program rules can be found on the Students page on the program website.

My organization is interested in getting involved. What opportunities are there to sponsor or partner with CSIC?

Thanks for your interest! This program is not possible without the generous help of our sponsors and partners. We have lots of partners that work with us to provide in-class mentoring, hosting in-class prototyping workshops, hosting Imagination Stations at the city-wide event, and more! Our sponsors help support the final event through providing awards, supplies, donations, food, and more. You can refer to the Program Sponsors page for more information. Please reach out to Mitch at [email protected] to talk more about sponsoring or partnering with us!

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