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LumieLabs (How To/Example Videos)

How to Log-in to LumieLabs (1:36 min)

LumieLabs Webinar (36:24 minutes)

Example LumieLabs Videos (YouTube Playlist)

*Please note, these examples showcase LumieLabs features by grade level, but the content/length of your video will be different.
These videos are not representative of the Guidelines for the competition.


LumieLabs (How To Documents)

LumieLabs Compiled resources to access LumieLabs Videos

LumieLabs Guide for Students

LumieLabs Graphic Organizer Handout

LumieLabs Video Story Map Handout

Direct Support

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LaunchPacks Science – Compiled resources to access LaunchPacks: Science

How to Log-in to LaunchPacks 

LaunchPacks Webinar (40:22 min)


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