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Chicago Innovation Award Winner

640 Labs

Winner in: 2014
Winning Product: Agricultural Data
Winner Category: Up-and-Comer Award
Industry: Consumer Services

The 640 Labs Platform provides a simple, effective and economical means to collect, aggregate and analyze the wealth of agricultural data that has previously been left in the field. Farmers around the world now have direct access to unfiltered, unbiased analysis on an unprecedented scale, allowing them to optimize their operations. The 640 Labs Platform consists of the 640 Drive, the 640 Labs mobile app and the cloud-based 640 Dashboard. The elegantly designed 640 Drive connects directly to the diagnostic port present on all farm equipment and delivers the collected data to the 640 Mobile app via a wireless Bluetooth link. The 640 Labs mobile app displays the data to the operator in real time and transmits it to the 640 Dashboard over the mobile device’s cellular connection. Never before have farmers been able to capitalize on all this information in order to benchmark and improve operations year over year.


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