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Chicago Innovation Award Winner

American Cancer Society

Winner in: 2004
Winning Product: Patient Navigation Services Program
Winner Category: Chicago Innovation Award
Industry: Non-Profit

The Patient Navigation Services Program is the first of its kind to provide reliable direction and information for cancer patients through all stages of a difficult journey. The American Cancer Society’s Patient Navigation Services program is a comprehensive network that guides cancer patients through their experience, from diagnosis to treatment to support, with the goal of reducing cancer mortality and improving the quality of patients’ lives. The program is the first resource for patients that single handedly takes them through all parts of the process. In 2010, the Patient Navigation Services team provided free services and resources to nearly two-thirds of Illinois cancer patients who either had no health coverage or depended on Medicaid. The program will support an estimated 33,000 newly diagnosed individuals in 2011. Illinois has become the role model for patient services.

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