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Chicago Innovation Award Winner

Anova Technologies

Winner in: 2013
Winning Product: RF Connect
Winner Category: Chicago Innovation Award
Industry: Financial

RFConnect is a financial connectivity network that utilizes cutting-edge wireless technology. At its core, it consists of a long-range, free space optic laser and a custom-designed millimeter wave radio to deliver nearly 100% availability and scalable capacity. Essentially, RFConnect delivers “fiber through the air,”” both figuratively and literally. The Achilles heel of wireless has always been the availability of the network. Microwave networks typically hover around the 90% mark in regards to true 24×7 uptime and millimeter wave can dip to below 80%, depending on the length of the path and its corresponding links. However, RFConnect’s dual spectrum system solves for these issues, delivering wireless routes that have 99.9% (or better) in terms of uptime; which is akin to fiber’s availability. In fact, many long haul fiber firms have three 9s as their actual SLA for lit services. RFConnect does all of this without sacrificing the latency of the system – the technology has only nanoseconds of overhead per device.

RFConnect is a monumentally disruptive technology, one that has a perfect marriage of mutually exclusive attenuation properties. More specifically, the atmospheric conditions that one dislikes, the other is impervious to, and vice versa. Additionally, RFConnect does not simply use one system as a failover for the other; both the FSO and MMW are transmitting and receiving in simulcast, then picking the best packet in real time from the respective mediums. There simply isn’t anyone else out there that can offer this. The patented technology is born of a decade of research and vast amounts of R&D monies. RFConnect is on the precipice of becoming the de facto standard for wireless exchange connectivity.

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