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Aon Active Health Exchange

Designed for an employer’s active employee population, the Aon Active Health Exchange drives true employee benefit consumerism by leveraging a multi-carrier marketplace model that leads to better health care decisions. Employees are empowered to make greater health benefit choices through a retail shopping experience while employers achieve greater cost savings and reduced administrative burden. The Aon Active Health Exchange’s flexible platform is designed to meet the varying needs of employers of all sizes and industries, as well as the unique characteristics of their entire active employee populations.


Wired for Growth

Aon provides insurance and risk management guidance for emerging technology, pre-IPO companies battling to thrive in the New Economy. Wired for Growth is the first Web-enabled virtual risk manager, which provides growth-cycle specific insurance products and services through an electronic platform to emerging technology startup companies. Aon Risk Services is the only large player so far that has developed a way to successfully service a niche market while elevating the quality of decision-making by investors and company managers through tools that provide access to Aon’s vast benchmarking database.