Argonne National Laboratory

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2023 – Chain Reaction Innovations

Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI) is the pioneering entrepreneurship program for startups at Argonne National Laboratory where early-stage clean energy and climate technology innovators embed to de-risk their technologies alongside Argonne’s researchers. During their two-year fellowship, these innovators advance their technologies, build transformational businesses, and connect with Chicago’s regional ecosystem. CRI’s work in nurturing the spirit of innovation and fostering entrepreneurial excellence has made it a shining example of Argonne’s commitment to generating impact. Over the program’s nearly eight-year existence, its startups have created 641 jobs and attracted $427 million in investments.


A startup joint venture that helped to meet demand for radioactive seeds to treat prostate cancer. As recent as the late 1990’s patients waited approximately six months for radioactive seed treatment of prostate cancer. Today, they only wait a few days for radioactive seeds, in part due to the additional capacity provided by this joint venture. Argonne National Laboratory and SourceTech Medical collaborated, resulting in the launch of a successful and unique high-accuracy radioactive seed manufacturing process in a mere two years.