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Chicago Innovation Award Winner


Winner in: 2018, 2017
Winning Product: BallotReady
Winner Category: Up-and-Comer Award, Social Innovator Award
Industry: Civic and Education

BallotReady aims to be the primary, non-partisan source for voters throughout the country on the entire ballot they face in the November general election. The starting point for any successful voter-education effort is its credibility, and BallotReady stakes its reputation by relying on primary sources: the candidates themselves. Its web site aggregates information from candidate websites, social media, endorsers and boards of election. BallotReady publishes information on candidates’ biography, issues and endorsements, and every piece of information is verified by researchers and linked back to its source. BallotReady users enter their address to access a complete personalized ballot for candidates and any referendums in their area. From there, they can compare candidates based on issues, and save their choices to pull up on their phone or print out a personalized hardcopy to take into the voting booth. Backed by non-partisan foundation support, BallotReady won $1.5 in venture funding in April.

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