Bounce Children’s Foundation

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For the nearly 1 in 5 U.S. children battling chronic illness, life is an endless series of shots & surgeries, therapies & treatments, emergencies & limitations. They live more as ‘patients’ than ‘people’. And, when a child is diagnosed, the entire family is diagnosed. Healthy siblings quickly feel overlooked and forgotten. Parents must manage challenges and crises for which there is no training. While pediatric hospitals offer a vast array of resources, at-home and in-the-community, the entire family lives on an “island” of invisibility & isolation due to a critical gap in the continuum of care. Bounce Children’s Foundation® transforms the lives of chronically ill children, and their families, shifting all from surviving to thriving – and it’s the only organization to do so. Through a unique portfolio of highly effective and totally free programs, Bounce builds the resilience needed to cope with the ongoing, unexpected setbacks that define chronic illness. Whether family outings and adventures, education to build vital coping skills, themed care packages for housebound families, access to resources and peer support, Bounce enables a new “normal.” Now, regardless of income, ethnicity, gender, or disease type, families raising kids whose childhoods are stolen by chronic illness, have a warm and welcoming community of fun & friendship, education & resources, encouragement & hope. From diagnosis forward, Bounce is there, 24×7, building resiliency and creating a safe place to belong. In the words of one parent, “Bounce helps families heal!”