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Chicago Innovation Award Winner


Winner in: 2016
Winner Category: Up-and-Comer Award
Industry: Healthcare

In cancer, genetics are key: There are clear guidelines for patients who carry genetic mutations that can reduce cancer risk by up to 95%, and reduce cancer mortality. CancerIQ makes it easy for providers to add cancer risk programming, and deliver personalized care in-house without disrupting workflow or hiring additional staff.

With CancerIQ, clinics can screen patients at scale using dynamic algorithms and easily identify the 20% of patients that meet criteria for genetic counseling. It arms providers with the tools to effectively navigate high-risk patients and implement a care plan based on the latest cancer risk models and NCCN guidelines. Admin time is cut in half through digitalized family history collection, outreach communication tools and automated reports and test ordering systems– leaving more time for patient care. CancerIQ keeps the patient experience at the forefront through at-home questionnaires, innovative engagement channels, and tailored education. Rather than falling through the cracks, patients have an active part in their cancer-prevention journey and the ability make more informed decisions about their care.

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