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Cleversafe is the first company to disperse digital information in order to enhance data security. Usually companies back up all of their information in central locations. But what happens if one of those locations is compromised? They are up a creek! The cleversafe solution breaks the data into pieces and disperses it in multiple locations, but is able to instantly retrieve it when needed. Because the data pieces would not be useful alone, the system is designed for maximum safety and efficiency. This eliminates the need for multiple copies and does not rely on hard drives. 1-2% of hard drives crash every year, resulting in years worth of lost data. Cleversafe’s reliable storage system is a solution for small and large businesses and organizations. Within their first year, Cleversafe sold over eight large-scale commercial deployments, and had 10,000 downloads of their opensource software. In the Fall of 2010, Cleversafe received $31.4 million in funding from Motorola Ventures, New Enterprise Association, OCA Ventures, and others. Late in 2010, In-Q-Tel, the Central Intelligence Agency’s venture arm, signed a strategic investment and development agreement of undisclosed value with Cleversafe.