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CNT Energy (formerly known as the Community Energy Cooperative) introduced the Energy Smart Pricing Plan in 2003. This pilot program demonstrated that real-time electricity pricing can reduce strain on the electricity infrastructure, encourage energy efficiency, and save consumers money. This successful program led to the expansion of hourly electricity pricing options for residential customers in Illinois and beyond. CNT Energy currently administers the Power Smart Pricing program for the Ameren Illinois Utilities and provides technical and communications support for the ComEd Residential Real-Time Pricing Program. CNT Energy continues to lead the way in developing and implementing innovate programs that harness the potential of smart meter and smart grid technology to create benefits for consumers, communities, and the environment. More than 22,000 households in Illinois are on real-time pricing in 2011, the largest such program in the country. In 2010, customers who used this program saved, on average, 16 percent on their electricity bill, or $190 per household per year.