Consulate General of Canada in Chicago

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Canada is a world leader in science, technology, and innovation, and is recognized as one of the most innovative and competitive economies in the world. Canadian companies benefit from policy and financial supports and a deep pool of talent as they strive for success. The same is true of Chicago: a dynamic center for innovation with numerous incubators and accelerators supporting start ups across a diverse range of industrial sectors. For the mutual benefit of the Canadian and Chicago ecosystems, The Consulate General of Canada in Chicago has on-going collaborations with many highly-regarded Chicago-based accelerators and organizations to bring innovative Canadian startups to Chicago to learn and share from each other, access valuable resources, mentorships and networking opportunities. These collaborations have led to mutually beneficial partnerships, greater collaboration amongst innovators and closer and stronger ties between the economy of Chicago and that of Canada with added value flowing into both. Our great innovation is not a product, but a process for innovating. We are proud of the growth we have fostered both in Canada and in Chicago by our collaboration, cooperation and partnerships.