Context Media

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Digital Exam Room Wallboard

The ContextMedia Digital Exam Room Wallboard is a 32 inch touchscreen which is placed in the exam room to give physicians access to vivid, 3D anatomical diagrams of all the systems of the human body, as well as conditions states, so that they can better educate their patients. Often, the conditions that are discussed during a physician consultation are complex. The Digital Exam Room Wallboard delivers to physicians 3D diagrams that physicians can rotate, annotate and share with patients and caregivers so that they can better comprehend their conditions, and ultimately, manage them better.

Exam Room Tablet

The ContextMedia Exam Room Tablet was launched in late 2013, and is the first fully interactive point-of-care patient education platform. Since launch, the Exam Room Tablet has scaled impressively, and ContextMedia projects that it will have distributed more than 30,000 tablets to health systems and practices in all 50 states over the 2015 calendar year. Data received from tablet engagement helps ContextMedia curate the most engaging content for its patients, gives healthcare providers and marketers unprecedented insight into the perspective of patients at point of care, and most of all, will give the company enough data over time to measure the platform’s the impact on the health outcomes of patients.