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crowdSPRING is the world’s largest marketplace for creative services. After starting with a mere 25 designers, crowdSPRING has grown into a community of over 75,000 designers and writers in 150+ countries who have submitted over one million entries to projects for clients around the world. Whether you need a new logo, website, tagline, marketing materials or other creative content, you simply post what you need, when you need it and how much you’d like to pay. Once posted, creatives from around the world will work on your project and you’ll begin to receive actual work – not bids or proposals – to review. In fact, the average project receives over 100 different entries to choose from. And, as the entries come in, you’ll be able to review, sort, rate, give feedback and collaborate with creatives until you find “the one”. The company has helped over 15,000 small businesses run their creative projects and have been flooded as of late with projects for large well-known companies and global ad agencies.