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The EZH2O™ bottle filling station provides a quick, clean, and green way to get drinking water on-the-go, while helping to eliminate bottled water waste. The EZH2O complements Elkay’s industry-leading drinking fountains and allows users to fill reusable bottles conveniently. The EZH2O is available as a stand-alone unit or as a combination unit with a standard drinking fountain. The EZH2O has three main benefits: QUICK: The EZH2O fill rate is three times that of a standard drinking fountain. A standard 16.9 oz. bottle can be filled in less than 6 seconds. No more long waits to fill a reusable water bottle. CLEAN: Electronic sensor provides touch less, sanitary operation. A 3000 gallon filter is available on all models, with a filter status light to let users know that the filter is working. Feel confident using the EZH2O. GREEN: Help the environment by eliminating disposable plastic bottles from your daily routine (and save money too). The innovative Green Ticker™ counts the number of bottles that are being saved from landfills.