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The IT department of today’s business looks more like an estate than a neat department.   The estate rambles from “vintage” or “legacy” hardware and software to state-of-the-art cloud systems that are public or private – or a hybrid of both.

It’s not surprising that when IT managers attempt to migrate legacy operating systems to new cloud-based systems, the process is clunky and expensive. They often end up stitching together an infrastructure that includes the public and private cloud-based operations and a mainframe, or a combination of all three. One recent third-party study revealed that 8 out of 10 IT managers face huge gaps viewing their cloud-based environment.

The problem is particularly severe in the public sector, where legacy systems were built by the lowest-cost bidder, and each successive iteration was purchased from a different  lowest-cost bidder, sometimes with little regard to compatibility.

The challenge in successful digital transformation is the same: How do you make sure a 50-year-old mainframe and a year-old cloud run in sync?

That’s the space where Ensono M.O. comes in with a key differentiator in the way it leverages machine-learning robotic automation. Ensono M.O. provides IT managers with single-pane visibility about usage trends, capacity and daily workload throughout the company’s estate.

The Downers Grove-based company deploys software robots or artificial intelligence applications to track clients’ operations in its disparate systems. Ensono M.O. constantly monitors a client’s entire IT estate, from mainframe to cloud, regardless of location or age. Its predictive analytics prevent service-interrupting incidents, ensuring the technology estate stays up and running.

The single-pane on Ensono M.O. delivers real-time viewing of a client’s entire IT estate from mainframe to cloud, giving CIOs and IT leaders confidence that their IT infrastructure is in sync, will keep running, and is ready to launch new initiatives.