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Chicago Innovation Award Winner


Winner in: 2018
Winning Product: Esquify
Winner Category: Up-and-Comer Award
Industries: Business Services, Technology

The early days of most legal cases include a document-review session to identify which documents are pertinent to the case at hand. Lawyers crowd into a room and assess thousands of online documents — unless they’re really watching cat videos or checking personal email. Enter Esquify, a personal supervisor for each reviewer. Using patented machine-learning technology, Esquify rates individual reviewers and teams by how accurately, quickly and intelligently they review documents. Many law firms already use technology to automate the review and evaluation process and to eliminate the human component as much as possible. Esquify works from the other end. Synching with existing document-review platforms, Esquify adds value by reviewing the reviewers, separating the excellent reviewers from the laggards. The streamlined review team increases productivity and reduces law-firm costs by 25-to-40 percent. Esquify was a winner at both Legaltech Venture Day in Chicago and Global Legaltech Day in Madrid.  

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