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Chicago Innovation Award Winner


Winner in: 2020
Winning Product: Low Power Displays for Mobile Devices
Winner Category: Chicago Innovation Award
Industry: Industrial and Energy

The emergence of Azumo’s technology has enabled Reflective LCDs to break free from its historical limitations, enabling the ideal low-power display for hand-held electronics. Most people don’t realize but the #1 power drain of mobile devices is the lighting from the display. However, Reflective LCDs can save over 80% energy consumption compared to traditional OLED and LCD screens. Reflective LCDs work like a Kindle, which uses sunlight or ambient light around you to reflect off the surface of the display, but differs in that it can also deliver content in full color and full video, just like an iPad, while maintaining a long battery life. The main challenge that has held Reflective LCDs back from becoming mainstream is that there has not been a way to properly light up the screen when the lights are off or when the sun goes down. Azumo’s technology is an ultra-thin, invisible, energy-efficient material that uses off-the-shelf LEDs to front light Reflective LCDs, enabling the ultimate display package — extended battery life & sunlight readability like a Kindle with full color & video like an iPad. With Azumo and a Reflective LCD, we can still use our electronic gadgets as much as we need for work, school, and entertainment, but can now see them in a much more natural way using reflected light.

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