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Chicago Innovation Award Winner


Winner in: 2017
Winning Product: Fooda Food Halls
Winner Category: Chicago Innovation Award
Industry: Food and Entertainment

A Fooda Food Hall replaces all the stations in a traditional cafeteria with a line-up of top-rated local guest restaurants that changes every day, bringing people a wide variety of high-quality meal options at work. The food cost the same, or less than it would in the restaurants. The Food Hall model is a win-win-win solution for 1) Restaurants, who love the added revenue at lunch and the opportunity to get in front of thousands of new people – many of whom will visit the restaurant’s brick and mortar location at night and on the weekends; 2) Employees in the cafeteria’s building, who love supporting local businesses while having an authentic dining experience (rather than food made from the same kitchen, using the same bulk ingredients, and following the same corporate recipes); and 3) The buildings and companies that own the cafeterias, whose costs are reduced by as much as 30%, compared to what they previously experienced from the legacy cafeteria model. While Fooda is disrupting the cafeteria space, staples like made-to-order grill programs, salad bars, delis, grab-and-go snacks, espresso and beverages remain. Food Halls in Chicago can be found in the corporate headquarters of Northern Trust, Hyatt, and 540 West Madison (formerly known as Bank of America Plaza). 

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