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Chicago Innovation Award Winner

Gas Technology Institute

Winner in: 2008
Winning Product: Efficient Steam Generators
Winner Category: Chicago Innovation Award
Industry: Industrial and Energy

The Gas Technology Institute is a not-for-profit research, development and training organization serving the natural gas industry. With members in every state, gas companies look to GTI for innovation. In a survey of 2000 different boilers nation wide, they found that most were more than 30 years old and had an average fuel-to-steam efficiency of 76%. Seeing the need for greener, more fuel-efficient industrial products, GTI scientists developed the Method for Enhanced Heat Recovery from Steam Generators and Water Heaters. This revolutionary new process achieves 95% fuel-to steam efficiency. The process saves roughly 10% of the natural gas needed and reclaims 20% of the water used in the process. New boilers can be manufactured with this technology, or it can be retrofitted. Through continuous innovation GTI has managed to lower the cost of this technology by more than 60 percent and payoff period is only 2 years. Demand for this product is so high that municipalities and institutions are lining up for contracts. Currently, GTI has had large-scale contracts with the New York City housing authority, China Lake Naval Weapons station, and Oak Ridge National Labs. Currently, five systems are up-and-running, averaging between 15 and 20 percent savings on natural gas.

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