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Chicago Innovation Award Winner

InContext Solutions

Winner in: 2010
Winning Product: 3D Virtual Store Experience
Winner Category: Up-and-Comer Award
Industry: Technology

InContext Solutions’ unique, online 3D virtual store experience is eerily close to reality. It can be customized to simulate any retail environment. Once designed, customers start by entering their height to get a more accurate view of the store. Then they can walk around, pick a product off the shelf, read the complete label and put it in their basket. Just like a trip to the store. Upon checkout, shoppers are asked to take a brief survey to test attitudinal responses. This way, InContext Solutions can provide their clients with a host of deep analytical data to help them make decisions on product placement, pricing, promotion, branding, display design and store layout. And all in a quarter of the time and third of the cost of traditional in-store marketing tests.

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