Keeper Security Inc.

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Keeper is the world’s most secure digital vault for managing passwords, private files and information on mobile devices and computers. Founded in 2009 by CEO Darren Guccione and CTO Craig Lurey, KeeperSecurity is a privately-held company that is based in Chicago, Illinois with engineering offices in Folsom, California. Keeper is SOC certified and utilizes world-class encryption to safeguard its users. Keeper is available on all major Smartphones, Tablets and Computers – covering iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, PC, Linux, BlackBerry and Kindle. Keeper is published in 16 languages in over 80 countries.Keeper is preloaded on AT&T Android and Windows devices. With one of the highest product rankings by consumers, millions of users worldwide trust Keeper to safeguard and access their most sensitive information.