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Chicago Innovation Award Winner

Kranze Technology Solutions

Winner in: 2021
Winning Product: MNM / MAGTAB
Winner Category: Chicago Innovation Award
Industry: Technology

The Meshed Network Manager (MNM) and the Marine Air Ground Tablet (MAGTAB) is a transformational evolution in combat communications. Designed and developed for Marines in tactical and communication degraded environments. The MNM/MAGTAB is radio agnostic and allows Marines to communicate on the move in austere environments without reliance on standard voice communications. Secure redundant communication pathways are critical to success on the battlefield, allowing commanders to seamlessly share time-critical information across the battlespace. KTS has designed a series of custom applications which allow the Marines to text, share pictures, receive ISR video feeds from tactical platforms, track Marines and cargo, offboard threat information, track blue force ground units and aviation assets in a secure and tactically relevant environment.

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