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LanzaTech is turning our global carbon crisis into a feedstock opportunity with the potential to displace 30% of crude oil use today and reduce global CO2 emissions by 10%. From waste industrial gases, to waste agricultural and forest biomass and unsorted, unrecyclable municipal solid waste, LanzaTech utilizes a proprietary process to convert carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into ethanol, which can then be transformed into sustainable aviation fuel or synthetic fibres and materials that would otherwise come from fossil. The first commercial plant has produced over 9M gallons of ethanol from recycled steel mill emissions since starting up in May 2018. With the potential to displace fresh fossil feedstocks used for fuel and chemical production, while reducing global emissions and pollutants, LanzaTech can turn our carbon emissions problem into an opportunity. In this case 2 wrongs do make a right! Each commercial plant has the potential to reduce emissions equivalent to taking 80,000 cars off the road each year and has a payback period of 3-5 years.