Lextech Labs

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iRa C3 is a one of a kind video command center that allows the user to command, control and communicate with an unlimited number of live camera feeds through the web, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Blackberry devices. No other solution spans all of these platforms with consistency, security and optimized video delivery.

With iRa C3, organizations can leverage their existing video assets for a level of situational awareness never before experienced. Users can manipulate camera positioning (pan, tilt, zoom) and view up to 20 live view feeds on the iPad, 12 on the web interface, 6 on the iPhone and 4 on the Blackberry.

iRa C3 from Lextech Labs is extending back room systems into the hands of new users and those users are inventing ways to use video for both security and business operations. Existing video infrastructure can be put into more hands, driving even larger returns on investment.

In the past, video has been used primarily for the purposes of providing historical evidence. iRa C3 empowers the user to make decisions in realtime, preventing or stopping crime or other incidents as they are happening.

The success of iRa C3 has allowed Lexitech Labs to experience a growth in revenue of about 400 percent in 2010.