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Chicago Innovation Award Winner

Middleby-Marshall Corporation

Winner in: 2004
Winning Product: WOW! Conveyor Oven
Winner Category: Chicago Innovation Award
Industry: Industrial and Energy

The WOW! Pizza Oven has broken new ground in defining the capabilities of commercial ovens, saving time, energy and money for its customers. The Middleby Marshall WOW! Conveyor Oven has set a new industry standard in the pizza business. Using highly-patented technology developed in Elgin, Ill., the WOW! Oven is the fastest cooking pizza oven in the world. Today, the WOW! Oven has expanded into 52 countries and cooks 2.4 million pizzas a day.

The WOW! Oven was used in July, 2010 to set a new world record for the number of pizzas made and baked in one hour by the Glutton for Punishment TV Show on the Food Network. The two WOW! Ovens cooked more than 168 pizzas at a mere 3 minutes each to shatter the previous record. Not only does the oven cook fast, it is energy efficient going into a “sleep mode” to save energy when not in use. The WOW! Oven is in use by Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Domino’s and most of the top pizza chains in the world. Not only do they get speed, but they save up to 40% on energy bills due to a much lower energy consumption. Restaurants can serve more customers quickly, enhancing the sales per store and growing the bottom line.

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