Millenium Park Inc.

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With Millennium Park, the City of Chicago has reinvented itself once again, taking one of the most high-potential areas of real estate in the world and bringing it to life in a way that exceeded even the highest standards of art, commerce and aesthetics. The Chicago Park District, with the support of the Chicago business and philanthropic communities, created Millennium Park as Chicago’s newest addition to its extensive lakefront park system. This 24.5-acre park has transformed a former rail yard, a parking lot and under used park land into an outdoor cultural venue different from any other in the country. It has become a place for Chicagoans and tourists alike to enjoy gardens, ice skating, concerts, restaurants, festivals, fountains and interactive public art, turning what was a dramatically underdeveloped area into the crown jewel of one of America’s leading cities. It is Illinois’ largest free attraction for locals and tourists, and has received the attention of cities across the country and across the globe including Atlanta, Seattle, Birmingham, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Bogotá, Toronto, Miami, Minneapolis, Dallas, San Antonio, New York, Los Angeles, and St. Louis.