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Modobag is the world’s first motorized, smart and connected carry-on suitcase with dual USB charging ports and optional GPRS-GSM tracking that gets travelers to their destination three times faster than the average walking speed. Not only is it incredibly functional and efficient, it’s fun! Modobag has two speeds; indoor and outdoor. The indoor max speed is 5 MPH while the outdoor max speed is 8 MPH. This allows for safe operation in congested or open areas. Modobag’s LED dashboard is located conveniently below the handlebars. This control panel displays the digital battery capacity gauge to alert the rider when they need to charge their Modobag.

Modobag’s telescoping handle and pull bars can be deployed or stowed quickly to switch from walking to riding mode. Ergonomically-designed, easily deployed foot rests and a memory foam seat make riding comfortable and secure. Modobag also has quick stow pockets for your laptop, tablet and mobile phone to make TSA screening a breeze. Modobag contains all these features while still retaining over 80% interior storage space of a regular carry-on case.

Although initially designed for the traveler, Modobag will also be life changing for people with early stage neurodegenerative diseases, arthritis and injuries. In most cases it will mean increased quality of life and independence for an extended period of time, or simply comfort during the healing process. Weighing in around 19lbs. Modobag serves as safe, lightweight transportation that will change the way the world travels!