Narrative Science

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Narratives for Business Science, 2017

Despite investing significant resources in data and analytics, organizations struggle to see engagement and adoption of Business Intelligence platforms due to their complexity and the time required to interpret the data. Enter, Narratives for Business Intelligence, a suite of Advanced Natural Language Generation (Advanced NLG) extensions for the world’s leading BI and analytics platforms, including Qlik, Microsoft, Tableau, MicroStrategy and Sisense. Natural language extensions from Narrative Science can also be natively embedded into any proprietary BI or open source visualization platform, dynamically explaining insights in plain English and surfacing relationships not obvious in charts, graphs, or tables.


Authoring Engine, 2011

Narrative Science, a Chicago-based technology company, turns data into stories and insights. Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform produces reports, articles, summaries and more that are automatically created from structured data sources. With amazing speed and quality, narratives are created in multiple formats, including long-form articles, headlines, Tweets and business reports. Narrative Science’s technology solution helps customers save time and money by combatting data overload, time constraints, cost restrictions and scale issues. Our products help customers discover the insight that is hidden in their data and allows for the creation of new content at a scale that is simply unreachable given human resources alone.