nPhase LLC

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nPhase’s Machine-to-Machine Solutions is enabling business solutions and monitoring capabilities across almost countless industries on a scale that was never before possible. nPhase’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Solutions is stretching the limits of what automated technology can achieve. nPhase provides its customers with a comprehensive software platform that monitors data over a range that humans cannot cover due to distance or volume. The device gathers information via wireless networks, landlines, computer networks or satellite communication machines. These M2M networks can control anything from air-traffic lights atop cell-phone towers to the deep freezers in a fast-food restaurant, giving updates on failed parts and maintenance, as well as having the ability to collect intelligence useful for management decision-making. In 2006, nPhase was acquired by Qualcomm and became Global Smart Services, and in 2009 engaged in a joint venture with Verizon Wireless to create a single solution that leverages the largest wireless network in North America with nPhase’s expertise and Qualcomm’s wireless innovations.