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Chicago Innovation Award Winner


Winner in: 2014
Winning Product: On-demand eTextbook rentals
Winner Category: Up-and-Comer Award
Industry: Consumer Services

Packback is the first company to ever offer on-demand, One-Day eTextbook Rentals, giving college students the control to rent their college textbooks as needed for $5 or less per day. All of Packback’s One-Day eTextbook Rentals are Rent-to-Own, meaning that a student can never spend more than the purchase price of the book. Facing an industry where textbook prices have risen at 800% inflation and student debt has surpassed $1.2 Trillion, Packback provides affordable, flexible textbook solutions that meet the needs of students today and pave the way for a digital future in higher education. Packback is currently helping over 80,000 students save on textbooks through their One-Day eTextbook Rentals and Price Comparison tools.

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