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Chicago Innovation Award Winner


Winner in: 2019, 2018
Winning Product: Organic Molecular Vessel Technology
Winner Category: Chicago Innovation Award, Up-and-Comer Award
Industries: Healthcare, Technology

PanaceaNano develops, prototypes, and manufactures a family of biodegradable, molecularity engineered, porous functional materials constructed from Organic Molecular Vessel (OMV) Technology. OMV structures are edible, porous carbohydrate superstructures synthesized using “green” chemistry. They are extremely porous and can be employed as molecular-carriers for active ingredients in pharmaceuticals or in topical skin delivery. OMV Technology enables precise “active ingredients delivery.” The technology has been shown to achieve 10x higher active ingredient release duration and efficacy. OMV technology enables (1) controlled, continuous, and targeted dosage and (2) improved active ingredient stability. OMV technology has been implemented in the cosmetics industry and products are being sold to markets. Active ingredients in standard skin care products are depleted immediately after application. In contrast, OMV materials function as molecular storage boxes that store a large supply of active ingredients for long-lasting, continual, effective release of ingredients.

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