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Chicago Innovation Award Winner


Winner in: 2017
Winning Product: VitaLink for Clinical Trials
Winner Category: Up-and-Comer Award
Industry: Healthcare

PhysIQ VitaLink for Clinical Trials is a specialized patient monitoring solution that applies FDA-cleared machine learning analytics to sensor-derived physiological data to transform continuous heart rate, respiration rate, activity, etc into personalized patient insight.  Their scalable, device agnostic, CFR Part 11-compliant cloud based platform is transforming how pharma and medical device companies leverage continuous real world data to validate the safety and efficacy of their products.  PhysIQ is deploying, internationally, its one-of-a-kind platform to collect and analyze data to support clinical trials across multiple therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular health, pain, neurocognitive disease, and oncology.  Recently recognized as one of the most disruptive companies in the clinical trials space, physIQ is working with the biggest names in the biopharma and medical device industries.

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