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Chicago Innovation Award Winner


Winner in: 2013
Winning Product: Water Purification
Winner Category: Up-and-Comer Award
Industry: Consumer Products

Portapure manufactures and sells water purification products to places where clean drinking water is inaccessible. Their latest product, PureLives, is a 5 gallon in-home portable filtration system that filters any contaminated water leaving it 99.9% pure. Their products provide fresh water for survival to remote and developing communities as well as to natural disaster sites. Portapure’s products not only allow individuals and families to have access to clean water, but their products are the most affordable alternative to commercially purchased water. They service all markets, but with a focus on two main groups: the disenfranchised and those who can afford to purchase a product with our without assistance in developing countries. Key to reaching these markets is Portapure’s adaptability. Their products grow and change depending on the needs of the consumer and environment.

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