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Chicago Innovation Award Winner

Regroup Therapy

Winner in: 2017
Winning Product: Regroup Virtual Mental Health Staffing
Winner Category: Social Innovator Award
Industry: Non-Profit

About one in five Illinoisans will require access to mental health services this year, but mental health clinicians are present in only half of Illinois counties. Serving these patients by telephone or internet – “tele-medicine” – follows the Uber model: a different doctor every time. Regroup Therapy’s tele-psychiatry business model – totaling about 300,000 sessions next year –  drives better patient outcomes through “continuity of care.” That means patients see the same psychiatrist, week in, week out. By integrating Regroup’s roster of mental health professionals directly into a hospital or clinic’s system, the for-profit agency creates a seamless patient experience, and clears the way for the health system to turn to Medicare or private insurance for cost reimbursement. Eighteen months old, Chicago-based Regroup reported a 60 percent increase in patients’ adherence to mental health programs, and a reduction of 35 percent in patient no-shows, both resulting in improved patient outcomes and large cost savings to mental-health care providers.  

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