Sagent Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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One hundred thousand people die each year from preventable medication errors, making it the 3rd leading cause of death, ahead of automobile accidents, breast cancer and AID’s. Among these medication errors, Heparin, which is a critical and commonly used injectable anticoagulant used as a blood thinner, has consistently ranked in the top 10 for medication errors nationwide. Sagent developed Heparin with PreventIV Measures Packaging and Labeling safety system to help reduce the errors that are associated with this critical medication. Customer-focused package design is a crucial element of Heparin products in order to help avoid medication errors resulting from improperly read labels in a busy, fast-paced hospital setting. PreventIV Measures for Heparin include easy-to-read product name, concentration and fill volume and bold, color-differentiated labels, caps, and cartons, which uniquely distinguish each product by concentration and total strength.