Sara Lee

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Soft and Smooth Made with Whole Grain White Bread

Sara Lee’s new Soft and Smooth Made with Whole Grain White Bread looks, tastes and feels just like white bread but is made from a blend of enriched white flour and whole-grain flour. This innovative bread product redefined one of the largest food product markets in the country. Since its introduction, many companies have tried to follow in the steps of Sara Lee. However, it is the number one-selling whole grain white bread in the country.


Bali Shoulder Spa

A new level of bra comfort in elegant intimate apparel for women dealing with strap pain. The Bali Shoulder Spa bra offers an elegant alternative to female consumers dealing with pain issues associated with uncomfortable bras that fail to address their needs. The Shoulder Spa has a patent-pending gel-infused, S-shaped strap design that disperses weight placed on the straps in order to provide a higher level of shoulder comfort. The response to this bra has been amazing in terms of market share captured and consumers who are quick to sing its praises.