Sibel Health Inc.

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ANNE® One is an FDA-cleared, medical monitoring solution that leverages advanced soft, flexible sensors that provide clinical care grade performance in a continuous and wearable way. The system further connects with additional wireless measurement systems enabling a fully comprehensive monitoring platform that can be used on patients of any age or care acuity. The mobile application provides waveforms, warnings, alerts, and vital sign calculations that enable doctors and nurses to make critical decisions easily and troubleshoot problems intuitively. The system further allows for seamless data storage, transmission, and streaming in a single technology package. Our technology is enabling experimentation and visualization faster and better than ever before, and accelerates our ability to create astonishing results for our users. Since inception, Sibel has deployed more than 4,000 sensors to more than 20 countries. We monitored more than 13,000 patients worldwide and collected 150,000 hours of health data, broadening our global health impact and increasing our brand reputation.