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Lateral patient transfers pose a significant safety challenge for health care workers today. Nurses, clinicians, and hospital staff face a diverse and difficult population of patients in need of lateral transfer. These range from the transfer of bariatric patients weighing upwards of 800 pounds to the transfer of patients with very delicate wound and skin care issues. Once a team of healthcare workers are assembled, they surround the patient to manually lift and drag the patient from one surface to another using a hospital sheet. With this method of transfer the patient is exposed to the potential of being injured or dropped, and the health care workers are exposed to potential musculoskeletal injuries.

Smart Medical Technology’s patented Liftaem patient transfer system significantly reduces the time and number of health care workers needed for lateral transfer or repositioning of patients and the associated costs and risks. The Liftaem™ is designed to safely and effectively move a patient from one lateral surface to another using a cushion of air. An example would be moving a patient from the stretcher to the operating table. The Liftaem Mats are latex free and can move patients up to a 1,000 pound weight capacity. The Liftaem™ has facilitated compliance with an Illinois bill that requires equipment specifically made for moving patients from one lateral surface to another.