Solésence Beauty Science

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Solésence Kleair™ is a first-of-its-kind technology that improves skin health by combining best in class UV protection and free radical quenching while boosting antioxidant performance and delivering award winning aesthetics. By more efficiently blocking UV rays, Kleair™ outperforms standard mineral sunscreens, enabling formulation performance and transparency similar to that seen with chemical sunscreens. Unlike traditional mineral sunscreen actives, Kleair™ quenches exogenous free radicals before they enter the skin, and, as a result, shields antioxidants, making them more effective. Kleair™ is also the first mineral sunscreen active to combine these features while protecting skin from blue light and the free radicals caused by pollution. This is critical to skin health, because once free radicals enter the skin, they can break down antioxidants and cause cellular damage resulting in oxidative stress and early skin aging, and, on a long-term basis, contribute to the development of skin cancer. Prior to Kleair™, people of color would have to choose between mineral sunscreens with unpleasant ghosting and whitening effects or chemical sunscreens containing potential endocrine disruptors. With Kleair™’s exceptional transparency and skin feel, people of color are no longer forced to choose between their health and their appearance. In this way, Solésence Kleair™ solves critical health and accessibility issues in the beauty space, enabling the development of new textures and formats and making vital best-in-class skin health products accessible to people of all skin tones.