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The beauty industry is a 75 billion dollar machine where the average service provider, who we call Artists, earns a poverty wage of 22K per year. LISA has created a B2B open-marketplace infrastructure to help the Artist community work entrepreneurially on their own terms. Corporations are spending a fortune recruiting, hiring and training top talent. LISA is able to assist these corporations with our next generation perk suite. These companies love not only the services, but, the easy to use technology for their employees, allowing them to schedule, book and pay directly in The LISA App – saving the HR/ Benefit Directors 2-3 hours per week in maintenance. Companies like GrubHub, Echo, Enova, BBB, @properties, 1871, Ogilvy, SpotHero to name a few, are among the forward thinking companies that realize LISA does not just provide a ‘beauty service’ to their employees, but a smart and savvy technology they can be proud to share with their team.