The Planting Hope Company, Inc.

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Seven years ago, the Planting Hope Company asked: “With the plant milk market scaling like a rocket ship, and most plant milks not being great for humans or the earth – why isn’t there a great plant milk made from sesame seeds?” Sesame is ultra-nutritious, delicious, and amazingly sustainable; thriving in hot dry conditions around the world with very little water required to generate a great yield; naturally pest resistant, self-pollinating, and it’s a fantastic and functional cover crop. The answer turned out to be ‘because it’s really hard to do’. But after five years of intensive R&D and leveraging cutting-edge ingredients, the Planting Hope team launched Hope and Sesame® Sesamemilk, the first commercialized sesamemilk globally: nutritionally comparable to dairy with 8g of complete protein (8x the protein in almond milk!), delicious, and froths, foams, steams and performs like a dream in barista applications in hot and iced beverages. Additionally, Hope and Sesame® Sesamemilk is the only Upcylced Certified(TM) plant milk globally – turns out the key to Hope and Sesame® Sesamemilk is upcycling the ultra-nutritious pulp remaining from sesame oil extraction. Hope and Sesame® Sesamemilk has received more than a dozen awards from top industry groups and organizations like Good Housekeeping. In their September 2023 issue, Consumer Reports called out sesame milk as the next subcategory of plant-based milk, disrupting the $800 billion dairy industry with a nutritious, delicious, animal-free alternative. Planting Hope’s focus, as demonstrated with Hope and Sesame®, is to reimagine staple products in the biggest food and beverage categories worldwide to create easy ‘swaps’ that are more delicious, more nutritious, ultra-sustainable, and ultra-scalable. This is how we will feed 10 billion people in 2050.