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Chicago Innovation Award Winner


Winner in: 2014
Winning Product: Education Technology
Winner Category: Up-and-Comer Award
Industry: Civic and Education

ThinkCERCA is an education technology that helps students in grades 4-12 build critical thinking skills such as analytical reading, writing and speaking, and listening. Using a research-based proprietary framework, the online programs provide teachers with a library of lessons that they can assign to students to introduce key skills and concepts, then apply those skills with a rigorous and interactive lesson design. ThinkCERCA also provides teachers with tools to monitor their students’ progress and adjust lessons based on the individual’s learning level. In turn, students are given the chance to engage with each other and collaborate on ideas through debate. Now available in all 50 states, ThinkCERCA’s free version is used by 7,500 teachers and has over 32,000 students on the schoolwide enterprise version.

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