Tripp Lite

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Tripp Lite’s SRCOOL12K is a portable air conditioner designed for supplemental, emergency and off-hour cooling in data center and network environments, warehouses and areas where facility air conditioning can’t reach. The SRCOOL12K features a unique built-in evaporator that expels condensed water through the exhaust duct, eliminating the need for a drain tube or water collection tank. The AC unit uses environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant that complies with the latest EPA standards and features a built-in automatic timer and a standard 5-15P plug.

Eco Series UPS Systems

Everyone can benefit from greener UPS (uninterruptible power supply) technology. Even just one single high-efficiency UPS system used to protect a desktop computer system can help reduce a user’s environmental impact. Designed for desktop applications, Tripp Lite’s ECO Series UPS Systems are up to 99% efficient and turn off designated ECO outlets when a computer is turned off or goes into standby mode. This feature eliminates “phantom loads” – idle peripherals that waste electricity when they aren’t being used, even when they appear to be off. ECO Series UPS Systems can save users up to $40 per PC, conserve 470 kilowatt-hours of electricity, and reduce a user’s carbon footprint by 630 pounds every per year