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Chicago Innovation Award Winner

US Foods

Winner in: 2021
Winning Product: Ghost Kitchens Playbook
Winner Category: Chicago Innovation Award
Industry: Food and Entertainment

In 2020, US Foods was the first foodservice distributor to introduce a free Ghost Kitchens Playbook to restaurateurs across the country. The playbook was designed to help US Foods customers and non-customers alike secure a new revenue stream within the restaurateur’s existing brick-and-mortar location. This was particularly important as the pandemic created dine-in restrictions that forced restaurants to rethink their operations or close for good. Ghost kitchens allow restaurant owners to utilize their existing space to build a separate, stand-alone online-only brand. The US Foods Ghost Kitchens Playbook is designed to guide restaurant operators through every step of opening their own ghost kitchen operation. With the US Foods Ghost Kitchen Playbook, restauranteurs have access to exclusive resources developed to streamline the process of starting a ghost kitchen, including proprietary technology to help identify menu opportunities, a detailed playbook to guide decision making, dedicated marketing support, webinars, and one-on-one consultations with US Foods specialists.


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