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USG Corporation unveils a milestone achievement in wallboard history with the introduction of SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Panels. The new lightweight gypsum panels are up to 30 percent lighter (15 to 24 pounds per panel lighter depending on length), stronger pound for pound than competitive wallboard products, and make installation faster and easier for contractors, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers. This is an engineered panel not like any other composite panel in the marketplace today.

SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Panels translate into a variety of sustainability improvements all verified by UL Environment™. This product contains 95% recycled content; offers up to a 20 percent reduction in transportation energy, saving millions of gallons of diesel fuel through reduced shipping weight (fewer trucks on the road); conserves raw materials by up to 15 percent, reducing that need for natural gypsum and extending the life of gypsum mines; and qualifies as a low VOC product.

The benefits of SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Panels are driving fundamental changes in the industry. People are lifting more wallboard in a shorter amount of time and competitors are trying to match USG’s methods.


USG’s SHEETROCK Brand Lightweight All Purpose Joint Compound with Dust Control has a special patented formula that binds up fine residue during sanding to form heavier particles that fall to the floor instead of clouding the air. Construction dust is greatly reduced, which increases worker productivity, keeps air dust-free and reduces the cost of cleanup. The ability on a microscopic scale to agglomerate fine particles before they become airborne has opened a new way to control where nuisance dust goes.


USG’s Durock Tile Membrane has re-imagined what is possible in floor construction, taking a simple idea a – thinner layer of protection – and dramatically expanding upon industry capabilities, demonstrating a truly unique approach in an industry lacking innovation. The Durock Tile Membrane from United States Gypsum Company has defined entirely new capabilities in the flooring industry. The product prevents water from reaching vulnerable wood subfloors with a certainty and a thinness of design that has never before been possible. This cement-based, waterproof product is used under ceramic tile and natural stone, and bonds securely with tiles, keeping them in place and preventing them from cracking. The membrane offers unique flexibility and can even be installed by do-it-yourselfers. It’s foolproof floor protection combined with ultimate convenience.