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Chicago Innovation Award Winner

Vibes Media

Winner in: 2005
Winning Product: iRadio Text Messaging Platform
Winner Category: Chicago Innovation Award
Industry: IT and Communication

The iRadio Text Messaging Platform is creating new channels of communications between radio stations and the people whose input means the most to them their audience. Vibes Media’s iRadio Text Messaging Platform has succeeded in eliminating the barrier between a radio station and its audience. The iRadio platform allows radio listeners, formerly blocked by busy telephone signals and remote broadcasts, to change the passive radio experience into an interactive one using text messaging. iRadio lets radio stations track responses to sponsor giveaways, contests, song plays, talk topics and a host of other issues on a wider scale than ever before possible. And it not only gives listeners an easy way to interact without the limitations of a phone line, it allows stations and sponsors to gauge the effectiveness of events and broadcasts like never before. iRadio was the first commercial use of its kind in the market and has spawned a wide array of competitors. iRadio is now in over 100 stations with millions of messages a day, having delivered over 1.5 billion messages and handling more mobile programs than anyone in the industry.

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